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Terms & Conditions some tips for an enjoyable stay at Somerlus Beach Cottage!

General Notes:

Somerlus Beach Cottage is situated at 25 Skuitpadweg Stilbaai. To ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests and good relationships with our neighbours, the following Terms and Conditions apply:.


Bookings can be made:

  • preferably by using the booking system calendar on
  • or by making an inquiry either by email ( or by Whatsapp (+2784 392 7427)
NOTE: A 50% deposit is payable to secure your bookings. Kindly pay your deposit promptly, as an inquiry does not constitute a booking. Should another guest pay a deposit before you do for the same dates, you may forfeit the proposed booking.


Legally speaking: The person completing the Rental Agreement

  • accepts full responsibility in his or her personal capacity, for any losses, breakages or damages of any nature occurring to the property, or the content thereof.
  • agrees to convey these Terms and Conditions to all the members in his or her group.
  • accepts responsibility to ensure that all members adhere to the conditions stipulated.
  • acknowledges that right of admission to the property is reserved.

The Conditions, etc.

  1. Upon arrival: It will be wise to phone the manager when you are close to arriving Stilbaai to arrange opening the cottage or making arrangement for the keys.
  2. Parking: Preferably make use of the parking lot a few meters away across the street once you have settled. Parking on the sidewalk is likely to obstruct somebody’s precious paid-for view, for which they are willing to fight.
  3. Number of people allowed on property: You are more than welcome to receive day guests as many as you can accommodate without causing damage, or discomfort for other nearby residents. The cottage and it’s contents are sensitive heritage items and we kindly request that you respect this fact. For this reason also we do not allow more guests sleeping over than for which there is bedding provided (8).  No camping on the property for the sake of accommodating more people sleeping over is allowed.
  4. All facilities are used at own risk. Neither the Trust owning the property, nor the appointed management will accept liability or any legal responsibility whatsoever for damage, loss, or injuries incurred as a result of utilising the facilities or any other injuries or damages visitors may suffer during their stay in the house or on the property.
  5. Misbehaviour in the eyes of the House Manager, that is, any kind of behaviour that is likely to cause damage to the property, or disturb the neighbours, will invoke immediate powers of eviction by management, without remuneration of any kind.
  6. No open flames, candles or lanterns are allowed inside or dangerously close to the cottage. This is a very precious, more than a century old wooden shack you will be renting!
  7. No pets are allowed, except by special arrangement.
  8. No items belonging to the Trust are to be removed from the house at any time.
  9. Upon Departure: Should the manager not be present, kindly close all windows and doors before leaving. Unless arranged otherwise, the last door you will close will be the side door of the closed veranda (‘stoep’). Please leave the key inside and lock the door bolt with the padlock provided.
  10. Damage / breakages: Should any damage to the property, or loss or breakage of any items for which you were responsible have occurred during your stay, repair of the said a day before you leave will be appreciated, so we can timeously be prepared for the next guests arriving.
  11. Consumables: We supply our guests with tap water, electricity and gas for the fitted appliances in the cottage (stove and water heater). All other consumables, like soaps, detergents, deodorants, toilet paper, etc will be the responsibility of guests, to their own taste.
  12. Cancellation policy:
    • Bookings cancelled more than 60 days before your agreed arrival date will be fully refunded.
    • Cancellation less than 60 days before your agreed date of arrival will depend on whether we can book someone else in your place.
  13.  Arrival and Departure times:
    1. The cottage is officially at your disposal from 4 PM on your date of arrival.
    2. Departure time: Guests need to vacate the property by 10 AM on the day of departure. Should we not have follow-up guests due, we will gladly accommodate you till later in the day. Please make us aware of your intentions in good time.
  14. You are welcome to report any failures or shortcomings on our side to the resident manager.

We wish you a very pleasant stay!


Somerlus Beach Cottage